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CEO of Howard II Enterprises
Poet, Storyteller, Writer. Ghostwriter, Editor, and Publisher

I am Jacquelyn Smithson Howard. For most of my life, I was a private person. I am now a public figure, an entrepreneur, and the proud owner and CEO of Howard II Enterprises (H2E). I am a poet, storyteller, writer, ghostwriter, editor, and publisher. My journey has taken me around the globe in various roles after leaving the corporate world of Information Technology with 48 years of service.


After my father had a stroke in 2004, I began walking for the American Stroke Association. I owe the teammates who helped me train for each race a huge debt for my health successes. I have crossed 32 half-marathon finish lines and three full-marathon finish lines, and this 16-year journey spans more than 4,000 miles, walking step by step. I told stories and wrote poems since grade school. These teammates listened to many of them while on some of the most beautiful trails across this country. I cut my body weight in half and got off all of my diabetes medications.


I love writing and sharing stories. Black History is missing from public schools and most colleges, not published by the big-box publishing houses or cataloged in most local libraries or bookstores. My higher goal is to document as many of our stories as humanly possible. Who will be next? Who needs to hear your success story?


I have 23 published books to my credit as a poet, author, contributing author, co-author, editor, ghostwriter, and self-publisher. Sometimes, I have combined roles within the same book, as a contributing author for my own work and a ghostwriter for a different contributing author. Currently, all of the proceeds from my 14th book are fully funding a scholarship fund for at-risk youth in my hometown of Nashville, Tn., and a partner program in a Catholic Diocese in New Orleans, La. Even Catholic book stores are contributing all of their overhead costs to the scholarship fund.


  • I have seven books as an Author, three poetry books; one memoir as an Author and Publisher; and three books as a Co-Author and Publisher with my aunt, who was in her final years as a Catholic Nun in the Order of St. Frances School Sisters (*). Throughout her career, Sister Sandra (aka Sister Maria Crucis) taught high school and college and has never failed a single student.

    • I’ve Got My Wings – Poems and Short Stories That Shaped My Life (2015)

    • Open and Connected – Poems and Shor Stories That Keep Me Grounded (2016)

    • We’re All The Same – Poems and Short Stories About Everyday Stuff (2018)

    • A Wake-Up Call – A Father, A Daughter, and Three Strokes (2021)

    • *From Out Of The Shadows – Doubt in the Service of Faith and Other Paradoxes (2020)

    • *A Letter To Paul – 1955 (2021)

    • *Night Bird in Solitary Song - Conversations of Pretense vs. Reality (2022)

  • I have five books as a Ghostwriter, one novella, one novel, and three compilations.

    • From Tragedy to Triumph by Sidni Moore (2015)

    • Mississippi Born/California Bound: How Jim Crow and Racism Lost to A Family Legacy by Dr. Eugene Spencer (2018)

    • Life Lessons: My Choice To Live Book Compilation (2020)

    • The Woman Christian CEO Book Compilation (2020)

    • **Coffee & Conversation – Volume 4 – Warm Cups of Self-Care (2019)

  • I have eight books as a Contributing Author in Compilations and Anthologies

    • **The entire annual series of Coffee & Conversation (5 Volumes) (2016-2020)

    • Igniting The Vision – 21 Stories of Powerful, Overcoming, Transforming, and Triumphant Women (2015)

    • The ZICA Collective – ZICA Creative Arts & Literary Guild (2016)

    • Contemporary Poetry – Vol 3 (International Collection) (2016)

  • I have two new compilations as the Editor for the contributing authors

    • The Breaking Point: When Life Requires A Shift Compilation (2022)

    • LeadHerShip Volume II Compilation (2022)

  • I have one new children's book as the Publisher.

    • A Miracle - A Story of Love and Wonder (2022)​

  • Other Accomplishments include:

    • A compilation album, Word Wizards With the Gift of Medicine (2018)

    • Five years on stage in the annual Storytelling Festival at Celebration Arts Theater (2015-2019)

    • I think I even hold the record for being the featured poet in five different poetry venues in a single year, 2017.

    • I am a Sacramento Literacy Foundation “Author On The Move” for 2016, 2019, and 2022.

    • Public Speaker - Lights of Tomorrow (2015); The Lighthouse of Today’s Viewers (2018); and the Smithson-Craighead Academy Charter School (2016). California Writers Club, Sacramento Chapter (2022)

    • Guest on local Sacramento Television – One World 4 Love and Peace (2018)

    • Guest on local Radio – Black Authors Group with LaWanna Parker (2020), Ms. Wanda’s Full Circle with Wanda Abney (2021), and several podcasts and poetry venues.


When you are ready to write your story or engage H2E Writing Services for individuals or small businesses, visit the Services page.

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I am a  Storyteller


"What's your story?"

"Love the book! It's so emotionally charging and wonderfully inspirational."

"That's my Daughter!"

"I am on my third read and still not completely certain on which one is my favorite. Your work shows much feeling; the emotions jump and leap off the pages."

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