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Jacquelyn Smithson Howard is a freelance writer and poet, originally from Nashville Tennessee. Her love of poetry began with her father, who recited his favorite poems at their dinner table. Her Aunt, who was her 1st and 2nd grade teacher, used poetry to make learning more fun, and would later write her first poetry book at the age of 72. 


Jacquelyn learned at a young age, that the poems and short stories would come without warning. She listened and wrote them down, no matter the time or place. She writes from her own life experiences, and shares them at family events, and in other social and mentoring circles.


Her father’s stroke in 2004 was her wake-up call. Paralyzed on his right side, her Dad ultimately walked out of the hospital. This was a signal to get up, and at 300 lbs., Jacquelyn got moving. She completed her 26.2-mile Marathon on Father’s Day 2005 in Kona, Hawaii. She has walked her way into a healthier lifestyle, losing more than 130 lbs., eliminating several prescription medications, and kicking her smoking habit. She has logged more than 4100 training miles, spanning 15 years, and has crossed 35 finish lines with her team, Athletes In Motion.


Jacquelyn is a member of the ZICA Creative Arts and Literary Guild, and her poetry is published internationally in several Anthologies. She performs annually at Celebration Arts Theater, and recites her poetry at various Sacramento Poetry venues.


Jacquelyn currently lives in Elk Grove, California. She can be reached at .