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Everyone has a story. Every story needs to be shared with someone. Every sharing is a two-sided gift. Whom are you looking to gift today? Let's discuss it.

Other Writing Services

I can help you with your other written communication needs by creating content for

  • Autobiographies

  • Press Releases

  • Poems/Stories

  • Books/Memoirs

  • Introductions/Dedications/Biographies

  • Website pages, and more...


I am available for keynote, guest spots, blogs, podcasts, radio, and TV.

Affiliate Services

I am an Affiliate with ALM Business Academy.

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When you are ready to publish, let's discuss how Jacquelyn Smithson Howard Publishing can help.

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The Beauty Of Writing


The beauty of writing is that it is my “Miracle of Openings”

It is my heart listening to the heart-songs around me

That open me to new possibilities, new ideas, new concepts

It is a new willingness to expand beyond my comfort zone


It is the peace that meets all understanding in the moment

It is trust to believe in myself…in my ability to imitate my very existence

It is to create…while everything inside me is swirling around is rhythm

And melodic notes yet undiscovered…as my fingers dance between the keys

In blind faith that the end result will be legible to my spirit


It is the blending of everything my soul identifies with as orgasmic

It is the breath that opens my eyes in the morning

As the blood pulses through my veins tickling me with enough energy

To grab my pen in gratitude as I write “I’m awake, God, what will we talk about today?”


It is every thought of every potential cosmic collision of every passenger on my journey

It is every encounter…in anticipation of what will be created in partnership

It is what stops up my nose…to the point that I gasp like a little child

Coming up for air after being thrown into the pool of life


It is love and laughter and giddiness and whimsy

It is excitement and pure bliss and magic

It is a gift that sometimes feels like it is too good to be true…too good to be me…

Too good to feel this good…but it feels so good…in my heart


It is angst and adrenalin… and falling into the beautiful abyss of the unknown

Trusting that my wings work…as I twist and curl and soar into the warm bosom of heaven’s landscape

Floating from imagination to familiarity and back to the unknown again

As figures form in my brain forcing my fingers to move faster…clanging the keys with my fingernails

Causing a soliloquy fusing thoughts and rhymes and hues and savory spices of everything


And my nose is stopped up again…breathe, Gemini, breathe


Writing is like breathing to me. It is the language God gave me to travel into any circumstance

And be okay…knowing that it doesn’t matter where we came from, what color we are,

Or what experiences we share or don’t share…we’re here NOW…together

What can we do to make the world better?


What can we share…a smile…a hug…a word…a story

What tiny little glimmer of light can we create that will change both of us exponentially

And alter the course of the universe immediately

Let’s cause the Universe to shift…to bend…to arc in grand style and grace

Let’s just delight in the Miracle of You and the Miracle of Me being the Miracle of Us…in this moment…

That’s why I write!

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